German Lager

Along with ale, lager is one of the two main groups of all beer styles.

Since the lager beer style is a bottom-fermented beer, all bottom-fermented beers are also classified as lagers ( Bockbier , Export, Märzen, Pils , Schwarzbier, Zwickel, Helles, Kellerbier, etc.). Bottom-fermented beers are fermented at around 4°C – 9°C using bottom-fermenting yeast.

This form of fermentation gets its name for the following reason: Since bottom-fermenting yeasts have shorter bud groups and the yeast particles therefore do not bond with each other or bond very poorly at low temperatures, the resulting CO 2 does not drive them to the surface (as with top-fermenting yeasts), but causes the bottom-fermenting yeasts to sink.

However, a typical taste cannot be predetermined for lager beers, as an amber-colored Märzen has malty notes and a sunny Pils has hoppy aromas.