Added to the Bierothek® range

Beer tasting

We not only include the newest or trendiest beers that come onto the market in our range, but also classics from the global beer scene.

How does my beer get into the Bierothek® range?

Are you a master brewer and have one or more beers that we should definitely try? Then let’s bring it on! Download the Bierothek® master data sheet , fill it out for each beer and send it to the Bierothek® headquarters along with 1-2 test bottles each.

How does the selection process work?

Whether and which new beer makes it into the range is decided by the professional assessment by our two beer sommeliers Christian Klemenz and Stefan Kafara. First check the recorded master data for accuracy. This is followed by the largest area: the sensory assessment. Smell, color, foam, mouthfeel and finish. But creativity and craftsmanship also play a role. Finally, we look at the design of the bottles and packaging.

If the majority of all criteria are rated as good, we will contact you and give you comprehensive feedback. The contract negotiations then begin so that the new beer can reach the shelves of the Bierothek®.

Of course, we will also contact you and give you feedback if the product unfortunately did not make it into our Bierothek® range.

The Bierothek® range

The Bierothek® range currently includes over 500 products. In addition to beer, we also stock lemonades, glasses, vouchers, greeting cards, chocolates, pasta, brandies and much more that fits the theme of craft beer.

The Bierothek® range is divided into private labels, own/exclusive brands and partner brands.

Our beers come from over 20 countries, mainly Germany, Belgium, the USA and Great Britain.

Creative beer services

Overview of creative beer services

If your beers are in our Bierothek® range, our service doesn't stop there. Our logistics services include basic cold storage, wholesale picking & shipping and online store fulfillment. We also offer trading services such as sales analysis and marketing.

Product listing coming soon

Product recording pictograms

  1. Send samples, information, price list to Bierothek®
  2. Tasting and assessment by Bierothek® beer sommelier
  3. Filling out the supplier master form and listing template
  4. Item creation in the Bierothek® system
  5. Delivery in the cooled Bierothek® central warehouse
  6. Delivery to Bierothek® branches, dealers and end customers
  7. Direct contact person for advertising measures, events, etc.

Test listing

Before being included in the Bierothek® range and as a market test, you have the opportunity to take part in a test listing. This means that your product will be distributed in small quantities (1 unit) to our Bierothek® branches. You will receive a detailed data analysis after about 4 weeks. Please send us a completed Bierothek® master data sheet and 15 packs free of charge.


Would you like to sell your beers together with a strong trading partner at Bierothek®? Contact us - we will find a service package that is perfectly tailored to you.


Stefan Kafara
Authorized Signatory / Head of Purchasing & Logistics
Tel.: +49 (0) 951 30178389