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A hearty snack is just as much part of the Bavarian cultural heritage as the magnificent old towns, the venerable cathedrals, the bright blue sky and the rousing brass band music. A real snack includes fresh stone-oven bread with a crispy crust, good butter, hearty cheese, cold cuts or liver sausage, homemade Ziebeleskäse, good ham, a few pickles and maybe some chives or cheese with music. Incidentally, the latter is not cheese with musical accompaniment, but cheese pickled in vinegar, usually Limburger or hand cheese, with raw onions and caraway seeds.

However, what is much more important than cheese and music is the beer!

No snack is perfect without beer. So that this doesn’t happen to you, we have a beer that was specially designed for the snack: the snack beer from Lauterbacher is a classic light beer with a tasty, down-to-earth and genuinely Bavarian character.

The Lauterbacher specialty presents itself in crystal-clear and brilliant gold in the glass and adorns itself with an impressive crown of white foam. The traditional beer smells of sun-ripened grain, freshly mown grass and summer flowers. The first sip reveals a full-bodied, bread-crusted aroma that blends with malt, floral hops and delicate citrus notes on the palate. The snack beer is a subtly balanced delicacy that should not be missing from the next snack!

0,50 Liter Bottle

Lauterbacher Lauterbacher
Bierothek® ID
0.5kg(0.88kg with packaging)
€ 0,08
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Brauerei S. Riegele Inh. Riegele KG, Frölichstraße 26, 86150
Augsburg Deutschland(DE)
Beer region
Beer style
Food recommendation
Starter: beef carpaccio
Main course: Grilled poultry with vegetables
Dessert: Heavy cakes
Alcohol content
5.1 % vol
Original wort
12.5 ° Plato

Water, barley malt, hops, yeast

Robert Kaczmarek
Alexander Stieg
Markus Lochner

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