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Craft beer is an experience for all the senses. Enjoyment often begins when you look at the packaging: craft beers are filled into unusual bottles or cans with elaborately designed labels. Artists, graphic artists, tattoo artists or musicians design the colorful pictures that are emblazoned on the front of the bottle and are fun even before the beer is actually enjoyed. And the beers themselves are often extremely attractive.

To make drinking a craft beer a real experience, we recommend a glass that goes with the beer. The glass not only presents the beer in all its glory, it also ensures that the aromas can develop ideally. The shape and thickness of a glass determines where the beer meets the tongue and palate and thus controls the perception of the individual flavor components. This may sound fancy and complicated, but it really works. The right glass creates an ideal combination of aroma, taste and appearance and raises the enjoyment of beer to a whole new level.

In addition to their excellent beers, the brewery Stone Brewing Berlin also offers beer glasses that put the crown on their beers. The shapely glass bears the logo of the brewery and is the perfect accompaniment for the flavor-intensive creations of exceptional brewers.

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Stone Brewing USA Stone Brewing USA
Bierothek® ID
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Stone Brewing, 1999 Citracado Parkway, CA 92029
Escondido Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika(US)
Beer region
USA & Kanada
Beer style
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