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Life used to be easier, and by that we don't mean the supposed simplicity, but the lack of modern technology. Electricity and all the devices dependent on it only found their way into private households in the late 19th century. Before that, you had to slave away, stoke fires, wash dishes by hand and drink warm beer. What is unimaginable today was quite normal in the last thousand years of beer history. The beer was served at room temperature, anything else was considered rude or careless. In some parts of the world, brews were even heated to warm up during a long shift on the carriage.

If you drink a beer in our age, the brewing piece usually has a temperature between 5°C and 8°C. We love it when the ice-cold brew conjures up condensed water pearls on the glass and the first sip is really refreshing.

The Stone Brewing brewery has come up with a practical gadget to ensure that the beer in the can or in the glass stays cold throughout the drinking pleasure and your hand doesn't freeze off: Their beer sleeve is a handy cover that keeps it cool thanks to the insulating material. The heat of your hand is not transferred to the can and the sleeve acts as a barrier between your skin and the icy drink. Win win!

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Stone Brewing USA Stone Brewing USA
Bierothek® ID
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Stone Brewing, 1999 Citracado Parkway, CA 92029
Escondido Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika(US)
Beer region
USA & Kanada

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