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Another excellent beer from Flügge that delights us with its characteristic Brett notes.

If anyone has mastered the subject of yeast, it is Joachim and Dominik from the Flügge brewery. The two boys are true yeast magicians and also venture into unusual, rare and difficult yeasts. You are among the few craft brewers in Germany who take on the challenges of wild yeasts. Wild yeasts ferment uncontrollably and are difficult to control. Joachim and Dominik tamed the wild yeasts and, above all, fell in love with a strain that is known for its complexity: the Brettanomyces yeast, known simply as Brett in craft beer circles. Brett is an ancient strain of yeast that prefers to live on the skin of fruits. Its characteristic aroma is perceived very differently from person to person. Experts often describe the taste as “funky”; perceptions range from the aroma of (over)ripe fruit to the aroma of truffles.

The Farmhouse Saison Morris from Flüggel is fermented with this special yeast strain and with traditional Belgian Saison yeast.

Morris flows into the glass in a cloudy sunny yellow and presents an exciting potpourri of different scents. A mixture of typical Brett “funk” and fruit notes of gooseberries and passion fruit meet a doughy malt note. The initial drink follows the olfactory impression on the foot. The Brett yeast is the most dominant factor in the aromatic game and pairs on the tongue with hoppy notes of green apple, passion fruit and gooseberry. The malt adds a grainy base. In the finish, Morris is wonderfully sour.

Morris is another exciting beer that bears the unmistakable signature of Dominik and Joachim.

0,33 Liter Bottle

Flügge Flügge
Bierothek® ID
0.33kg(0.51kg with packaging)
€ 0,08
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Brauerei Flügge GmbH, Goldsteinstraße 254, 60529
Frankfurt Deutschland(DE)
Beer region
Beer style
Belgian beer styles
Food recommendation
Starter: Caprese
Main course: Tarte
Dessert: Onioncake
Alcohol content
5.9 % vol
Original wort
12 ° Plato

Water, barley malt, rye malt, hops, yeast

Alexander Koller

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