The Pils beer style is the most popular beer style in Germany. The bottom-fermented beer belongs to the lager class and is therefore fermented at 4-9°C.

The currently most popular beer style in Germany originated in the 19th century in Pilsen (now the Czech Republic). There was already a beer there at the time, but it was not very well-respected because it was simply of poor quality. Therefore, a Bavarian brewer from Villshofen was ordered to Pilsen, who created a new beer style. This was completely convincing and began its success all over the world.

In a Pilsner, the hops are the main focus. Malty and sweet aromas are only secondary. The slim, full-bodied beer has around 5% alcohol and is light to golden in color.

There are many different types of pilsner that have developed over time. The best known are the "Bavarian Pilsner", "Bohemian Pilsner", "American-style Pilsner" and the "North German Pilsner", which have a hoppy, bitter taste. Ideally, a pilsner should be drunk at a temperature of around 8°C.

In 2014, the Schönramer Pils from the private Schönram country brewery even won first place as the Pils from Germany at the World Beer Cup and was awarded the title of “Best Pils in the World”.