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In the technical jargon of brewers, the term wort refers to the liquid that remains after lautering. First, malt and water are combined in the mash tun. Using heat, the starch is released from the malt and broken down by enzymes into sugar. In the course of the lautering, the solids are then separated from the brew: husks, shells and grain residues flow off, leaving the wort. The liquid is then boiled in the brew pan and combined with the hops. The wort is therefore largely responsible for the taste of the brew and can easily be described as the aromatic soul of the beer.

The Gampert brewery in Weißenbrunn prides itself on the fact that "[...] the seasoning is right" in their brews. If you trust their motto, the beer can only be good. We subjected the beers to a strict taste test and can only confirm this: The Gampertbräu selection consists of refined classics that were brewed with craftsmanship and heart.

One of the favorites of the traditional brewery is their Förster Hell. The mild creation scores with fine spice, light gold tone and a balanced character. A hearty range of sun-ripened grains shape the flavor and deliver a honeyed sweetness. Grassy hop notes, a hint of herbs and a subtly balanced bitterness round off the beer enjoyment.

0,50 Liter Bottle

Gampertbräu Gampertbräu
Bierothek® ID
0.5kg(0.88kg with packaging)
€ 0,08
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Gebr. Gampert GmbH & Co. KG, Braustrasse 2 - 4, 96369
Weissenbrunn / Kronach Deutschland(DE)
Beer region
Beer style
Alcohol content
4.4 % vol
Original wort
11 ° Plato
Water, barley malt, hops, hop extract

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